Hi, thanks for taking an interest in my blog.  I’m currently studying for a PhD in the history of science at the University of Leeds, investigating the social history of the telephone in the UK from its invention (in 1876) until the 1890s.  I am, however, also fascinated by wider questions relating to history, science and technology, and my religion as an orthodox Jew.  Articles posted on this blog will be sorted according to these categories, so have a look to see if anything interests you.

As the title of the blog suggests, I often don’t know exactly what I think about many topics – or at least I am undecided – until I sit down and start to write about them.  I find the process of writing itself to be very conducive to ironing out arguments and musings, often more so than conversations.  When talking to a keyboard, there is a record, and we can delegate our thoughts to a more permanent and consistent medium, subsequently open to review.

Since starting this blog, I have noticed that I am not the first person to have coined the phrase ‘thinking through my fingers’ (although I thought it original). The first person to whom it is attributed is actually none other than the hugely prolific and multi-talented author Isaac Asimov, famous for his science fiction stories, especially the Foundation series and his short stories exploring the future of robotics (a word which he coined).  This discovery was particularly gratifying to me, as I have loved and been inspired by Asimov’s stories since I first started reading them as a boy.

The articles I will share here are my attempts to excavate around the issues that have caught my attention.  Some will be quite long.  I will try not to convolute the ideas too much, bearing in mind the quote on the blog homepage which I have adopted as a maxim, a reminder and general guideline.  I expect some may involve telephones, but most will be broader.  Please feel free to share your responses and thoughts, I would always be happy to read and engage with them.

Thanks again for taking the time to visit and read, I hope you enjoy the blog.



2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello Michael, for some really disruptive and heretical ideas on the history of Technology [and religion] have a look at a new book called BEFORE THE DELUSION, by William Gleeson …see http://www.amazon.co.uk

    Posted by Ross | 22 April, 2012, 8:01 am
    • Hi Ross, thanks for this, I hope you’re enjoying the blog. The book looks interesting, although I don’t normally read historical fiction. It’s not clear however from reading the blurb how much is intended to be historical. Have you read this? What about it appealed to you?

      Thanks for reading!


      Posted by Michael Kay | 22 April, 2012, 11:59 am

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