Introductions: me, you, and Pooh


Illustration by E. H. Shepard

Hello, welcome, and thanks for visiting my blog.  My intention is to put articles about various things up every week or so, so if a religious topic isn’t your thing, maybe a historical or historiographical discussion will appeal more, or maybe a philosophical exploration of science or technology.

I want to apologise if the first article appears a little downbeat, they certainly won’t all be like that, and I wanted to get this one, important as it is, up first.  I hope that people can take something constructive from my experiences when my mother sadly passed away in December 2011 after fighting cancer for several years.

Wadda wadda wadda - Tigger arrives in the 100 Acre Wood.

Illustration by E. H. Shepard

My mother loved Winnie-the-Pooh, a passion which she has certainly passed on.  The quote at the top right-hand side of the home page is from A. A. Milne’s classic, The House at Pooh Corner, and it  is intended to remind me, not only of my mother, but also that it should be perfectly possible to explain my ideas clearly and accessibly.  And that is exactly what I intend to do.

So, like Pooh welcoming Tigger into his house, and hoping to find for him something he’ll enjoy, I invite you to read, and hopefully enjoy, my blog.




2 thoughts on “Introductions: me, you, and Pooh

  1. Have you ever read A. A. Milne’s poem? A musician Chris T. T. has recordem them as songs, I would recommend checking them out, you can listen/buy them here http://christt.bandcamp.com/.

    Posted by Sarah | 2 February, 2012, 9:29 am
  2. I am not a Pooh fan, but my favourite poem is There Was an Old Sailor My Grandfather Knew from Now We are Six. I am also not a fan of Alice in Wonderlad / Through the Looking Glass, apart from the White Queen believing 6 impossible things before breakfast, and Humpty Dumpty declaring that words mean what he wants them to mean.

    In general, do people who like Pooh also like Alice?

    Posted by Natalie Kehr | 29 February, 2012, 12:15 pm

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